We usually play in Hipposahli. The court will be booked if we are at least two.

The court fee for an hour is 6.5 Euros which will be divided equally among players. If somebody cancel his/her participation, use the common sense then for your contribution to pay the court fee.

Bring your own racket otherwise it can be rented from janitors in Hipposahli.

Note: If you don't find any game based on your schedule, you can also propose some other time by looking and booking on the website http://www.jyvaskyla.fi/liikunta/paikat/hallit/hipposhalli.
Contact Tinkle if you need help in booking.

Sport Sulkapallo
Home city Jyvaskyla
Team members 26 (Player list)

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Contact person: Tinkle Chugh, tinkle.chugh@gmail.com

Ph no: 0465982734